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  • Damien

    h2. Sir Damien A razorclaw shifter, "tamed" and raised as an avenger in the [[Temple of Erathis]]. *Birthplace*: [[Thorren]] *Affiliations*: [[Temple of Erathis]], [[Erathis]] *Status*: Deceased h3. Biography As a small child, Damien was …

  • Edgar

    h2. Vice-Bishop Edgar The vice-bishop of the [[Church of Erathis]] of [[Thorrenopolis]]. He is [[Damien]]'s avenger mentor. He is a quiet man and generally keeps to himself. *Birthplace*: Unknown *Affiliations*: [[Church of Erathis]] *Status …

  • Tobias

    h2. Tobias An avenger of the [[Raven Queen]] and the current leader of the [[Black Reapers]]. *Birthplace*: [[Fanoria]] *Affiliations*: [[Black Reapers]] *Status*: Alive, in [[Thorrenopolis]]

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