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  • Thrain

    h2. Arch-General Thrain Thrain was the legendary dwarven arch-general of the [[Thorren]]ian army. *Birthplace*: [[Terlun]] *Affiliations*: [[Thorren]] *Status*: Deceased h3. Biography Thrain, was a brilliant general, world-famous for his …

  • Geretta

    h2. Geretta An accomplice of [[Forneth]] and the former wife of General [[Thrain]]. *Birthplace*: [[Terlun]] *Affilliations*: [[Disciples of Eternity]], [[Forneth]] *Status*: Deceased *Family*: [[Thrain]] (Husband)

  • Kun

    h2. King Kun King Kun (often called Mad King Kun) was the self-proclaimed sovereign of [[Terlun]]. When the nation was occupied by giants, General Kun rallied the dwarven clans and drove out the invaders. He has ruled Terlun by force ever since. …

  • Igorek

    h2. Igorek A dwarven mercenary who is, somehow, made of stone. *Birthplace*: [[Bold Keep]] *Affiliations*: [[Dmitri's Hammers]] *Status*: Alive, in [[Thorrenopolis]] *Family*: h3. Biography In his younger years, Igorek worked in the …

  • Anya

    h2. Czar Anya A dwarven barbarian from the "low"lands and the current ruler of [[Terlun]]. People say she has felled giants with her hammer. *Birthplace*: [[Terlun]] *Affiliations*: [[Unyielding Few]], [[Terlun]] *Status*: Alive, in [[Bold …

  • Andrick

    h2. Andrick A member of [[Dmitri's Hammers]] and good friend of [[Igorek]]. When the Hammers started losing business, he went to [[Piotr]] for help. Piotr used spirit-binding to transform him into a mindless molten warrior. *Birthplace*: [[Bold …

  • Piotr

    h2. Piotr A dwarven alchemist known for his experiments of dubious morality. He is a master of spirit-binding, and over three hundred years old. He is responsible for binding spirits to [[Igorek]], [[Andrick]], and Mad King [[Kun]]. *Birthplace*: …

  • Grigori

    h2. Grigori A greataxe-toting raider from the [[Unbreakable Few]]. *Birthplace*: [[Terlun]] *Affiliations*: [[Unbreakable Few]] *Status*: In the [[Neutral Guard]]

  • Yakov

    h2. Yakov A sly axe thrower from the [[Unbreakable Few]]. *Birthplace*: [[Terlun]] *Affiliations*: [[Crimson Daggers]], [[Unbreakable Few]] *Status*: In [[Neutral Guard]]

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