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  • Quarion

    h2. Quarion Quarion is an [[Eladrin]] [[Wizard]]. *Birthplace*: [[Feywild]] *Affiliations*: [[Our Heroes]], [[Carlen]], [[House of Spring]] *Status*: Alive, in [[New Rolan]] h3. Backstory Quarion was a member of the [[House of Spring]], …

  • Anasia

    h2. Headmistress Anasia The headmistress of the [[House of Summer]]. She is good-looking and talented with both sword and spell. She sees the [[eladrin]], and moreover the House of Summer, as the most brilliant thing in existence. *Status*: Alive, …

  • Arnon

    h2. Arnon An [[eladrin]] swordmage who works for the [[House of Spring]], and an old friend of [[Quarion]]. *Birthplace*: [[Astrazalian]] *Affiliations*: [[House of Spring]] *Status*: Alive, in [[Astrazalian]]

  • Neloro

    h2. Neloro An [[eladrin]] wizard famed for his mastery of teleportation. He tutored [[Quarion]] in the ways of an Arcane Wayfarer. *Birthplace*: [[Cendriane]] *Status*: Deceased h3. Biography Neloro was born in the prosperous city of [[ …

  • Lucan

    h2. Councilman Lucan An [[eladrin]] member of the [[Council of Nine]] and a powerful wizard. He was known for his strong position against halfblood rights. *Birthplace*: [[Astrazalian]] *Affiliations*: [[Council of Nine]], [[Thorren]] *Status …

  • Prophet

    h2. The Prophet Arcanister Merillion, commonly known as the Prophet, is the head of state of the [[Fey Empire]]. He is well known for his ability to predict the future through the [[astrolabe]]. His predictions are always accurate and often quite …

  • Nont

    h2. Nont A crabby eladrin war wizard in the service of the [[Fey Empire]]. *Birthplace*: [[Astrazalian]] *Affiliations*: [[Fey Empire]] *Status*: In [[Neutral Guard]]

  • Istala

    h2. Istala An eladrin swordmage in the service of the [[Fey Empire]]. *Birthplace*: [[Feywild]] *Affiliations*: [[Fey Empire]] *Status*: In [[Neutral Guard]]

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