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  • Sennise

    h2. Queen Sennise The queen of [[Fanoria]]. She has mixed approval due to pulling back on many of the male-rights policies enacted by the previous queen. *Birthplace*: [[Fanoria]] *Affiliations*: [[Fanoria]] *Status*: Alive, in [[Alunah]]

  • Desmond III

    h2. King Desmond III The last king of [[Carlen]]. He stepped down from the throne and died quietly at his villa. *Birthplace*: [[Carlenopolis]] *Affiliations*: [[Carlen]] *Family*: [[Carlenian Royal Family]] *Status*: Deceased

  • Forneth

    h2. King Forneth The former king of [[Thorren]]. He was generally well-liked by the populace for his conservative political stance. It later came to light that Forneth, in his obsession with eternal life, assumed the disguise of [[the Immortal]] and …

  • Kun

    h2. King Kun King Kun (often called Mad King Kun) was the self-proclaimed sovereign of [[Terlun]]. When the nation was occupied by giants, General Kun rallied the dwarven clans and drove out the invaders. He has ruled Terlun by force ever since. …

  • Edward

    h2. King Edward The 13-year old king of [[Thorren]], crowned at the age of eight. He is a spirited boy with a passion for his country. *Birthplace*: [[Thorrenopolis]] *Affiliations*: [[Thorren]] *Family*: [[Forneth]] *Status*: Alive, in [[ …

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