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  • Zebith

    h2. Zebith A [[drow]] assassin working for the [[Black Reapers]]. *Birthplace*: [[Deepwrought]] *Affiliations*: [[House of Blades]], [[Black Reapers]] *Family*: *Status*: Alive, in [[Thorrenopolis]]

  • Zahn

    h2. Zahn The extremely deadly [[Drow | drow]] assassin of the [[House of Spirits]] who reports directly to Matron [[Firna]]. He used to be an active member of the [[Black Reapers]] but has not been seen for some time. *Birthplace*: [[Deepwrought]] …

  • Mirdia

    h2. Mirdia The assassin of the [[House of Lolth]]. She uses a greatsword and is a master of stealth. *Affiliations*: [[House of Lolth]] *Family*: [[Chanistra]], grandmother *Status*: Alive, in [[Thorren]]

  • Lilith

    h2. Lilith The matron and assassin of the [[House of Warlocks]]. Using a cursed mirror, she created a second, identical body for herself and used it to assassinate the previous matron, taking over her position. She now switches between the bodies, …

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