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  • Derritt

    h2. Derritt Finnan p. Derritt is a PC [[Halfling]] [[Ranger]]. *Birthplace*: [[Thorren]] *Affiliations*: [[Our Heroes]], [[Carlen]] *Family*: [[Great Uncle Wilfred]], Wilma (Grandmother, deceased), Fred (Grandfather, deceased), [[Kilroy]] ( …

  • Great Uncle Wilfred

    h2. Great Uncle Wilfred Finnan p. [[Derritt]]'s great uncle and mentor. He is the sole inhabitant of [[Winchester]]. *Birthplace*: [[Winchester]] *Family*: [[Derritt]](Great Nephew), Wilma (Sister, deceased), Fred (Brother in Law, deceased), …

  • Kessa

    *Birthplace*: [[Carlen]] *Affiliations*: [[Carlen]] *Status*: Deceased Prime Minister [[Osran]]'s fiercely loyal halfling bodyguard.

  • Ronnic

    h2. Ronnic Finnan A halfling blade dancer in Prime Minister [[Idria]]'s honor guard. *Birthplace*: [[Carlen]] *Affiliations*: [[Carlen]] *Family*: [[Derritt]] (great-grandfather, deceased) *Status*: In [[Neutral Guard]]

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