Government: Representative Democracy

Capitol: Carlenopolis

Prime Minister: Idria

Location: SSW Gaea

National Emblem: Falcon

National Color: Grey


Neighbors: Thorren to the East, Terlun to the Northeast, Fanoria to the Southwest


Carlen was founded by the legendary hero Carl ca. 400. It was a monarchy ruled by Carl and and his descendants. It is a brother nation to Thorren, which was founded by Carl’s brother, Thor.

In the year 1140, the King Desmond II ruled Carlen. He was quite unpopular, known for unreasonable taxes and what many considered unnecessary military spending. The public cried for democracy. When Desmond II died that year, Desmond III inherited the throne. Desmond III had no stomach for ruling, and when public unrest rose, he willingly stepped down from the throne to help build a democracy.

The first election was held in 1442 and was won handily by a half-elf known as Osran. This did not go over well with Thorren, where racism against half-elves, among other races, is prevalent. Tensions rose until Thorren mounted an attack on Carlen in 1147. In the war that came to be known as the Deserter’s War, a small group of Thorrenian draftees defected to Carlen, and, under the guidance of Prime Minister Osran, accomplished a number of impressive deeds that greatly strengthened Carlen’s position in the war. This group would in time come to be known as the Special Operatives. It was largely due to their actions that Generals Krane and Thrain sided with Carlen and turned the tide of the war.

There are still a few members of the former Carlenian royal family remaining, but Desmond III has forbidden them from attempting to reclaim the throne. For now, they seem content to live off their massive fortune.


Arch-General: Ezro

Composition: About 2,100 Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Half-Elves, Dragonborn, and Halflings

The Carlenian army is not nearly as large as the Thorrenian army, but it is the second-largest in Gaea. It is known for its cavalry and pegasus riders.


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