The capitol city of Carlen.

Population: About 24,000

Governor: Mayor Adam

Location: Southwestern Carlen


The most noticeable feature of Carlenopolis is the massive white stone tower at its center, known as the Tower of Ancients. Carlenopolis is surrounded by sturdy walls, and the hub of these walls is a huge, round, open-topped building called The Aerie. The city is divided into four sections:

The Merchant Quarter

The most populous area. It is full of shops, housing, inns, taverns, and temples.

  • Bailey’s Beasts of Burden and Battle
  • Nylus’ Rituals for Spellcasters of All Skill Levels
  • The Drunken Dwarf Tavern
  • Arthur’s Arms and Armor
  • The Obligatory Rat-Infested Tavern
  • Fanorian Embassy
  • Temple of Avandra
  • Temple of Pelor
  • Cathedral of the Raven Queen
  • Temple of Bahamut

The Lower Quarter

A crime-filled area full of slums and dubious establishments.

  • Shadow Embassy
  • Temple of Vecna

The Tower Quarter

The district built around the Tower of Ancients. It contains many embassies and government buildings, as well as some high-end housing.

The Docks District

The district facing the ocean. It contains docks, inns, restaurants, and nice housing.

  • Lighthouse
  • Temple of Melora

The Aerie

A large, round, open-topped military facility built by King Desmond II. It is equipped to train all manner of troops, but it is specifically designed for gryphon riders. It is also fortified on its outer walls and equipped with archer towers and catapults.



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