Clan Sycrus

Clan Sycrus

A lost clan of minotaurs.


This clan looks at an individual’s life as a labyrinth within itself, and that each individual labyrinth is different. Though some may contain similar layouts our decisions within them, much of their life is untrodden by other clansmen, thus, they must consider their choices carefully. Each individual’s path is unique. Because of this, each member of the clan carves out their own individual pattern, instead of all the clan using the same one. Each pattern that is made has one constant part however, one that is always the same. An outer wall, separate and surrounding the labyrinth on the inside. When a minotaur reaches a part of his or her labyrinth that is similar to that of what another has gone through, they often turn to them for help, or advice.


Every population of the Sycrus Clan has its own elder. The elder is there to aid any minotaur in their decisions of what to do, no matter what the situation is. Each elder chooses and trains his successor, who could be of any age when chosen. Elders are typically male, but it is not impossible for a clan to have a female elder. Everyone in the clan is loosely related to the elder, whether by blood or simply by clan connections, and the clan itself is willing to accept any minotaurs who share their beliefs into the clan.

Clan members, after reaching adulthood, are free to venture out on their own. A minotaur is considered to reach adulthood at the age of 17. Many minotaurs tend to stay several years after reaching adulthood, then head out into the world to learn what they can that will be of use to the clan when they return. Others head out to master foreign arts, or otherwise. Minotaurs of this clan rarely master any form of magic, even during this period. The only magic any minotaur is likely to learn is that to aid in healing. Minotaur also sometimes head off to join other populations of their clan, located elsewhere in Gaea.

There are several small populations of the Sycrus Clan spread across Gaea, each one independent from the rest. Many of them rely on trade with nearby cities or towns to sustain themselves, though it is possible that one population has found a way to independently sustain itself.


Clan Sycrus

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