The elven nation that covers a large peninsula to the east of Thorren.

Capitol: Alunah

Government: Matriarchal Monarchy

Queen: Sennise

National Emblem: Oak Leaf

National Color: Dark Green

Location: East of Thorren, West of Carlen

Allies: The Eladrin


Fanoria is situated on a large peninsula east of Thorren. It is covered throughout by thick deciduous forest, save the sandy beaches on the coastal extremities. It is separated from Carlen by a small strait.


Fanoria was formerly a territory of the old Fey Empire, but as the Eladrin who lived there gradually evolved into elves, they split off from the empire to form their own nation. Like the drow, the elves are a matriarchal society, and the throne is passed down through the female line.


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