The Feywild

(From Arjhan’s research notes) The Feywild, known colloquially as the Fae Realm, is a fascinating alternate plane of existence. It is a mirror world to Gaea, with properties and locations mirroring that of the natural world, but altered to the surreal atmosphere of the plane. The Feywild is a world of unnatural magical beauty, and every centimeter of it is infused with arcane energy. Upon first exploring the Feywild, I…


...unlike the eladrin, who are the “people” of the Feywild, so to speak. Indeed, the archfey are on a different level of power altogether, transcending the arcane studies of the lesser fey. An interesting issue that has arisen recently is the subject of fey pacts. Like an infernal pact, a fey pact is made with a very powerful entity-in this case, an archfey-and like an infernal pact, something is given in exchange. Harnessing the magic of the fey would be a marvelous enhancement for arcane research, and these new pacts are definitely something I would like to study further. Perhaps acquire a ritual for analysis…


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