A dwarven mercenary who is, somehow, made of stone.

Birthplace: Bold Keep

Affiliations: Dmitri’s Hammers

Status: Alive, in Thorrenopolis



In his younger years, Igorek worked in the mercenary band Dmitri’s Hammers in Bold Keep, the capitol of Terlun. His group was in constant competition with an assassin’s guild known as the Crimson Daggers. In an attempt to get a stumpy leg up on the Daggers, Igorek’s mercenary friend Andrick went to a suspicious enchanter named Piotr. Andrick disappeared.

Igorek entered Piotr‘s workshop to save his friend but was quickly captured. Piotr performed an occult ritual that turned Igorek’s skin to stone and gave him power over the earth. While Piotr was out of the room, Igorek escaped his restraints and fought his way out of the workshop, killing Piotr’s assistant Maksim in the process. He fled Terlun and began to wander Thorren, doing solo mercenary work. He has recently accepted a job protecting Damien.


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