Inferno Isle

Inferno Isle

A country spanning a chain of volcanic islands in the northeastern ocean of Gaea. It’s the home of the dragons.

Government: Monarchy

King: Azrix

Location: Volcanic island chain in northeastern Gaea

National Emblem: Dragon


Neighbors: Thorren to the southwest


Inferno Isle was supposedly created by the god Bahamut so that his children, the dragons, could have a place to rest their wings and nest. In its glory days, Infero Isle controlled a vast stretch of land, and was known as the kingdom of Arkoshia.

Although Inferno Isle was once home to over two hundred dragons, most of them were slaughtered in the Great Infernal War. It is now ruled by the remaining two dragons, Azrix and Neshlat.


Arch-General: Benzec

Forces: About 800 dragonborn

Inferno Isle

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