A talkative deva artificer with a thirst for knowledge.

Birthplace: Reincarnated in Great Library

Affiliations: Great Library, Ioun

Status: Alive, in Thorrenopolis


Kerem was most recently reincarnated in the Great Library southwest of Thorrenopolis. There, he was raised by the head librarian Lanna. For the first hundred or so years of his life, he never left the library, and learned all he could from the books therein. Since his rebirth, Kerem has had a talent for artifice and weaving the arcane fabric, so when he felt ready to move out, he set up a trinket shop called Kerem’s Curiosities in Thorrenopolis. He has since become involved in the Fey Empire’s war against the House of Spirits and is presumably the arcane hero mentioned in the prophesy.

Past Life


Prophesies Zaq