Lionfang and Lionheart

Lionfang and Lionheart

The legendary heirloom sword and shield of Thorren. They are immensely powerful and inherently linked.


These artifacts are said to be the last miracles of a dying god. The creator of humans and halflings, this god’s name is long-lost. He gave Lionfang and Lionheart to the hero Thor, while he created Falconeye for Thor’s brotherCarl. The two heroes used these divine blessings to defeat the Snake King.


Lionfang is a perfectly-crafted longsword of astral steel. It is said to grow stronger with each successful strike.


Lionheart is an indestructible shield of astral steel. It is said to protect its wielder from enemies who are too cowardly to fight him face-to-face.


These are among the people who have held Lionfang and Lionheart.

Lionfang and Lionheart

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