Government: Monarchy

Capitol: Thorrenopolis

King: Edward

Location: East Gaea

National Emblem: Lion

National Color: Red


Neighbors: Carlen to the West, Terlun to the North, Fanoria to the Southeast, Inferno Isle to the Northeast


Thorren was founded around the year 400 by Thor. Since then, it has been ruled by Thor’s descendants.

In the year 1147, Thorren’s King Forneth declared war on Carlen in response to the election of Osran to the Prime Ministry. In the resulting conflict, known as the Deserter’s War, Thorren drafted a large number of troops, including four people later to be known as the Special Operatives who immediately defected to Carlen. The actions of these four led to Carlen’s victory in the battles of New Rolan and Carlenopolis and Arch-General Thrain’s decision to end the war.

It was later discovered that King Forneth was also a man known as The Immortal, leader of the Disciples of Eternity. He was slain by the Special Operatives in 1147.

Now, in 1251, the current monarch is King Edward, a boy of 13. He has just come of age and inherited the throne.


Thorren is generally very traditionalist. It is resistant to change and sticks to the old ways. Nowhere is this more evident than in the ceremonial passing down of Lionfang and Lionheart: whenever the previous owner dies, a new bearer is chosen by the Council of Nine, based on strength, courage, and heroic acts.


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