Arch-General Thrain

Thrain was the legendary dwarven arch-general of the Thorrenian army.

Birthplace: Terlun

Affiliations: Thorren

Status: Deceased


Thrain, was a brilliant general, world-famous for his military exploits. He was one of the key players in the victory of the Great Infernal War (some stories say he even defeated a Pit Fiend in single combat). He served in the Thorrenian army for 242 years, and was known for his unwavering devotion to the Thorrenian cause. He was also a bearer of Lionfang and Lionheart.
In the Deserter’s War, he was forced by the Immortal to support the war despite his hesitations. He eventually opposed it anyway in the battle of Carlenopolis.

Thrain was born in Terlun and served in the army there before moving to Thorren for unkown reasons.


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