It is the year 1251. For 103 years, Gaea has experienced a period of relative peace.

Following its victory in the Deserter’s War, Carlen has prospered thanks to its booming economy, and is now under the rule of the newly-elected Prime Minister Thalen.

Thorren never fully recovered from its loss in the war. When King Forneth‘s death was made public, Forneth’s distant cousin Peter was crowned, but after a short series of short-lived monarchs, 13-year-old Edward now rules the nation.

In the north, Terlun is still under the control of Mad King Kun, who is now a baffling 412 years old. Even as it becomes more and more isolated, Terlun grows in power.

In the feywild, the four Eladrin houses have banded together following the loss of Astrazalian. Under the visionary leadership of a man known as the Prophet, they have taken back much of their ancestral lands and more, driving back the fomorians and all other fey who oppose them. They have even forged an alliance with Queen Sennise of Fanoria.

Our heroes (Arsen, Damien, Igorek, Kerem, and Zebith) are working with the Prophet to combat the drow. This ongoing war between the Eladrin and the drow has turned into a sort of magical arms race: each side is rushing to find out more about the powerful art of spirit-binding.

House Rules

A compilation of house rules for the Bloodlines campaign.


  • There are no Divination rituals.
  • Rituals have no component cost with the exception of Enchant Magic Item and Raise Dead.
    • The component cost for Enchant Magic Item is 80% of the item’s price.
  • The casting time for Transfer Enchantment (Adventurer’s Vault) is 5 minutes.




  • Rather than receiving experience points, player characters receive a Level Point for every encounter they overcome. When a player character has three Level Points, he levels up and reverts to zero Level Points.


  • Player characters have inherent enhancement bonuses to attacks and defenses. The bonuses increase by level, as shown:

Picture 2

  • Inherent enhancement bonuses do not stack with the enhancement bonus of an item. Take the higher bonus.


  • To replace the expertise feats, player characters get a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls at 5th level. This bonus increases to +2 at 15th level and +3 at 25th level.

The Burning Path


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