Crimson Daggers

The Crimson Daggers

The Crimson Daggers are an ancient cult that worships Ketlakal. They often perform ritual sacrifices in his name.

Leader: Kopotl




The Crimson Daggers are enemies of Dmitri’s Hammers by circumstance and the Black Reapers by oath. In Terlun, the Crimson Daggers compete with Dmitri’s Hammers for mercenary work. Because they are more willing to take morally questionable jobs, they have gained a lot of ground in the nation’s tempestuous political climate. In Thorren, the Black Reapers routinely attack the Crimson Daggers because the Raven Queen has deemed that they should not be alive. Curiously, the Crimson Daggers will only attack a Black Reaper in self-defense, and if they kill a Reaper, they do not perform their usual death rite.

Note: Damien hates these SOBs! They are shadier than shady can be. They are like, REALLY EVIL! But, he has been ordered not to go after them, so hes sorta helpless in the matter. And, they are creepy.

Crimson Daggers

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