Sir Damien

A razorclaw shifter, “tamed” and raised as an avenger in the Temple of Erathis.

Birthplace: Thorren

Affiliations: Temple of Erathis, Erathis

Status: Deceased


As a small child, Damien was taken from his shifter village by Gregor, a paladin of Erathis. At the Temple of Erathis, Gregor used harsh training regimens to suppress Damien’s animalistic side. He raised Damien to be an upright and civilized member of society. The Temple of Erathis’ lead avenger, Edgar, saw Damien’s physical grace and discipline and saw fit to train him in the secret ways of the avenger order.
But, despite the constant order, discipline, and civilized ideals that he has been trained to follow strictly, he sometimes feels a calling from the wilderness, from nature. He has never acted on these feelings, its just something that has been there his entire life. Occasionally he will see animals strangely appear in the middle of a city, with no nature anywhere, and he is the only one that seems to notice them. And they aren’t pigeons or squirrels, they are big animals, most often a tiger or another large cat, and sometimes bears. But, once these disappear, the incidents return to the back of his mind, and he continues with his daily duties, somehow refreshed.
Damien on a day to day basis is a pleasant, mannered gentleman. He is polite, and follows the law whenever possible, and is a fierce supporter of the Thorrenian monarchy. But sometimes in the heat of battle, he can become a frenzied beast. In this state, he forgets all of his civilized manners, and a sort of primal force takes over him. Only when he has had a chance to cool down for a while, can he regain his composure and return to his previous state of mind. Once in a long while, there are times when Damien has been angered to the point where he returns to this state, but it is a rare occurrence.

Damien and his fellow avengers of Erathis have been tasked with taking down the Black Reapers, a powerful assassin’s guild. Because he has been assigned this task by his overseers, he is obligated to carry it out. But, he would much rather be investigating the Crimson Daggers, even though the higher ups have expressly forbid it. Nonetheless, those cultists just don’t seem like they should be allowed to continue whatever they’re doing. No one really knows what they are doing, but Damien knows for sure it is something horrible.

Damien masquerades as a mild-mannered priest to cover up his actual job, and to aid in this illusion he has hired Igorek as a bodyguard.

Damien died in a battle against the Dwarven tyrant, King Kun, mainly because of his irrational thinking during his frenzied battle state. But he did manage to get a nice face-smashing blow in before he was decapitated. Heroically.

Eventually, the people traveling with him attempted to raise him from the dead. After a long presentation of his case, Damien was obviously denied his petition to be resurrected. I mean, no one has done that in forever. Come on. He had no chance in the first place, and certainly is not lying about being dead, and totally not alive right now. Damien is also not changing his identity to Raziel, and growing a beard to disguise himself. That would be ridiculous. Now stop asking questions.


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